I initially heard about the service jam from my university tutor who I was speaking to about setting up a similar event at the university. So to gain some experience and to learn what goes on exactly at a Jam, I attended the Service Jam and that’s where I met the organisers Chris and Daniel. Before the Jam, I was excited but also a very curious on what the guys had in store for us over the three days. During the event, I enjoyed the exercises that were being conducted and how we got to work with absolute strangers on finding creative ways to solve problems we didn’t think about before. Personally, not only did the Service Jam help with new ideas that could be implemented in our university event, but it also introduced to me a new way of collaboration that sparks creativity in ideas and work. From the guest speakers to the energisers, the Jam was a pleasure to attend and it is fair to say that I made quite a few friends that weekend too.