Spaghetti Jams is  brought to you by a small team of designers who believe that cultivating creative confidence in all people will help to build better Birmingham. Find out more about them below.


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Christopher Sadler | @csadlerstudio

“I am passionate about the creative process and strongly believe it is key in solving the big problems we face as a society. The Jam movement is what lead me to do a Masters in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island and it has changed my life, I am committed to bringing this amazing global community to my hometown of Birmingham.”


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Daniel J. Blyden |@danielyep

“On my Masters course at Hyper Island, I have learned so much about Service Design Thinking and how to come up with great ideas in a short time that I just had to come back to my hometown Birmingham and share. The Jam is the perfect platform for me to do this.”