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Like many awesome things in life, jams are better experienced than explained. Nevertheless, the aim of this page is to give you an idea of what the global jam is like.

If you’re a musician or a music lover, you will probably have been to a musical jam. If you’re a poet or an appreciator of the spoken word, you will probably have been to a poetry jam.

The global jams are a place where you come together with like-minded people in your local community to ‘jam’ your ideas, bringing your skills, experience and your tools to create something special. Like a music or poetry jam, a theme is set and you start to jam around it, you don’t discuss it too much or over analyse it, you just bounce around ideas of others, interpret it in your own way, play around with it and see what comes up.  Who knows? At the end, you may come up with something that you could actually  produce or sell and if not at least you’ve had an amazing time jammin’.

The Global Jam works in just the same way.  But it’s not music or words you are Jamming – it’s ideas. Over 48 hours, you have a great time, learning new things improving your skills and getting to know great people you might never have met before, bouncing ideas off one another and building on what bounces back. But rather than just talking you actually get to make physical things. Perhaps you’ll come up with a useful new service, a physical device, an initiative, a network, or something no-one has thought of yet. That’s the challenge of the Jam.


One of the most exciting things about the Global Jam is that it takes place simultaneously in multiple locations, in various different cities around the world, which means that you could upload your idea to the internet on the 1st March and a jammer in Barcelona reads up on your idea and you giving you the opportunity to make a special connection.

The Jam is open to everyone, from all walks of life so if you’re a lover of creative ideas or looking to unleash your inner creative an have an epic unique experience, the Jam is for you!


Spaghetti Jams began in January 2015 and participates in all three of the Global Jam events, the Service Jam, the Gov Jam and the Sustainability Jam. The first jam was established by three local designers, Chris Sadler, Daniel Blyden and Yinka Danmole who are on a mission to create a space where people could build creative confidence, learn design skills and new ways to collaborate with others.

The name Spaghetti Jams is inspired by the landmark Gravelley Hill Interchange locally known as Spaghetti Junction. The name itself well to the design and innovation process which like a plate of spaghetti is often about making connections between networks of knowledge on going on a journey of many twists and turns to create something new.


At each Jam we go use the design thinking process which encourages divergent and convergent thinking to collaborate and develop our ideas. We make and test our ideas as we go along through a process of feedback and iteration.


Example jam journey

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm  

Welcomes, Introduction to Design Thinking, Secret Theme Reveal & Team Building

 Upon arrival, you will meet your fellow jammers over food and be taken through some fun activities to pick up on the principles of  design thinking and build your team for the weekend. This year’s secret theme will also be revealed in an exclusive video presentation and you will have a chance to discuss the problems you want to work on in your teams

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Research, Synthesis, Idea Generation & Prototyping

You will start the day with breakfast . Then it’s time to go out into Birmingham to research facts and gain insights about the problem you are looking to solve. You will bring back what you’ve learned and begin ideating, journey mapping and building ideas to solve your problem. Then it’s time to get prototyping and getting feedback. A team of industry experts and creatives will be on hand to guide you through the creation of your new services. We will finish the day with a check in with our twin jam Expect a high energy, fun filled and challenging day.

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

More Prototyping, Presentations, Celebration

Another day of prototyping and iterating your ideas to make them the best they can be before your final presentation and upload to the global community by 3pm. You will be coached on how to prepare a great pitch and understanding the real value of your idea. A panel of experts will give you feedback and advice as to what you can do to take your ideas further should you wish to and then we’ll wrap up with a celebration.