Hey Rupi here,
Today Daniel and I are heading over to Birmingham Soup’s 1st birthday at the Impact Hub Birmingham.
We’ll be taking cake (which is baking away in the oven as I type) and talking about Spaghetti Jams. I’m working out what to say when we take to the stage and thought I’d share some of my thoughts here too.
Over the last few weeks of Jam planning, promotion and talking to people we’ve been thinking about our values we share.
One that has really stood out to me over this last week is accessibility. Over the past few jams, we have done our best to make sure we were able to create spaces for all. We’ve created creches, included children in the challenges and pushed ourselves to deliver jams that are open to all.
We discuss diversity, gender ratios and inclusivity. How can we get more women to our jams? Why are we not reaching certain groups? What can we do to create an inclusive space?
We all have a responsibility to answer those important questions. Through the journey of setting up each jam we’ve tweaked our approaches, connected with even more groups, had inspiring conversations and done our best to spread the word of the jams.
This time – I personally want to make the #GSusJam as accessible as possible. We’re giving students from BCU, University of Birmingham, Aston University and University of Warwick discounts to get you involved. Click on your University and you’ll be taken to the relevant Eventbrite page.
If you’re a parent, an intern, struggling with a sensitive situation right now or you want to sign up but are facing a barrier please get in touch with us. You can email us or send us a message via Twitter.
Our jams are welcome to all.
We can figure out a solution together.