We’re really excited that this year’s Gov Jam will be starting on the launch of Birmingham’s City Camp debut.

city camp website header-04City Camp is an open festival, bringing together pioneering ideas from across the world. Exploring the theme of city futures and ultimately the future of Birmingham, Powered by Impact Hub Birmingham, city camp will see citizens, coming together to feed into the city’s dialogue through a series of talks, workshops hack days, dinners, art performances and much more.

Impact Hub Birmingham have been very generous to the Spaghetti Jams community, providing the space to host the global jams since our first Global Service Jam in 2015. The purpose of Spaghetti Jams has always been to create a safe space for people of Birmingham to practice the delicate art of creating new ideas and unleash their creative potential with other like-minded passionate people. Against the backdrop of some huge city-wide challenges that affect us all, the space to experiment, asking the ‘what ifs…’ and the ‘how might we…’ questions is crucial.

The Global Gov Jam is just one of the many interesting exciting events happening as part of city camp from 31 May – 18th June and we really recommend you keep an eye out for all the events taking place over the next 4 weeks and get involved in whatever piques your interest.

Join us for the Gov jam, we’re we’ll set the tone for the exciting weeks ahead building on each other’s ideas by doing rather than talking. Registration is here http://bitly.com/BrumGovJam16

If you’re unable to join us for the Gov Jam, you’re welcome to join us on Thursday afternoon at 3pm to hear the ideas that come out of the Gov Jam, followed by Impact Hub Birmingham’s first Birthday Bash. Find out more here