Most mornings I don my suit and tie and I look forward to playing my part in an effective and professional organisation delivering a huge number and breadth of services to the citizens of Birmingham.
I am proud of the role I play in the design and operation of this important endeavour, but, every now and then I should leave my tie at home and do something different.
This city council, along with its partner organisations, is under pressure to reduce cost while maintaining the services that are of most importance to our citizens.  And, to achieve this goal we need new ideas.  There are special days when blinding brilliant new ideas come at us from out of the blue – however these days are few and far between.  If we are truly serious about delivering what our citizens want in a new way then we need to take a fresh look at how we design our services.
We need to get a new perspective; we need to be open to new ideas; we need to think about services in new ways.
Service Jam (starting next Friday 27 Feb) is an opportunity to attack some of these old problems in a new way.  Get a different point of view and hopefully inspire new ideas for us to enhance the future of Birmingham.
Come along and get involved,
the world is run by those that turn up” –Anon 
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by Tim Powlson, Service Birmingham